Invitation to online listening study

We would like to invite you to participate in our study titled “Investigation of frequency-specific loudness discomfort levels, in listeners with migraine-related hypersensitivity to sound“.

Please note : You do not have to be a migraine sufferer to participate in this study although if you are, please make sure to specify that, when asked during the study (for more on eligibility criteria check the list below)

Our study consists of a brief questionnaire, followed by a simple listening test. This study is targeted towards listeners with and without migraine headaches and in order to participate you have to meet all of the following criteria:

1) Be 18 years old or older

2) Not have any history or diagnosis of hearing loss

3) Have access to a quiet room to take the test

4) Have access to a computer with an internet connection

5) Have access to a pair of functioning headphones

The total duration of the study is approximately 25 minutes. Your participation is voluntary however valuable, as it could provide a useful insight on the auditory manifestations of migraine, as well as aid the identification of possible differences between participants with and without migraines, this way facilitating further research on sound adaptations for migraine sufferers.

To access the study please follow the link below:

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback on this study please email or