Congratulations, Dr. Will Wilkinson

This afternoon one of our PhD student researchers, Will Wilkinson, successfully defended his PhD. The form of these exams, or vivas, varies from country to country, and even institution to institution, which we discussed previously. Here, its pretty gruelling; behind closed doors, with two expert examiners probing every aspect of the PhD.
Will’s PhD was on ‘Gaussian Process Modelling for Audio Signals.’

Audio signals are characterised and perceived based on how their spectral make-up changes with time. Latent force modelling assumes these characteristics come about as a result of a common input function passing through some input-output process. Uncovering the behaviour of these hidden spectral components is at the heart of many applications involving sound, but is an extremely difficult task given the infinite number of ways any signal can be decomposed.

Will’s thesis studies the application of Gaussian processes to audio, which offer a way to specify probabilities for these functions whilst encoding prior knowledge about sound, the way it behaves, and the way it is perceived. Will advanced the theory considerably, and tested his approach for applications in sound synthesis, denoising and source separation tasks, among others. – demonstrates some of his research applied to sound synthesis, and is a real-time demonstration of his Masters work on sound synthesis for mammalian vocalisations.

Here’s a list of all Will’s papers while a member of the Intelligent Sound Engineering team and the Machine Listening Lab.